Top 3 In Ultima Online Gold

27th Sep 2022

Every year as the winds change so does the Ultima Online economy. The gold changing quickly from high to low because of demand. But what is low and what is high when it comes to UO gold. The reality is that ultima online gold once traded for as high as $20 per million coins.

How much gold do players have?

Most players realize quickly that getting gold from the actual game is rather difficult unless you barter for some using other items. It can take weeks to get the amount of gold you can get from a single item dropping into your pack or looted off a corpse.

1. UO King

Recognising UO King for its ability to deliver gold on a reliable basis to all shards is quite the accomplishment. Being a UO broker has always been one of the roles needed in the UO ecosystem. Some players who only thrive when they can spend alittle to get ahead need brokers or they will simply not play.

2. UO Merchants

One of the many brokers who goes by the name of UO Merchants can usually be found for some gold. They rely on the help from UO King to provide their services which means they come in second place to the #1 in Ultima Online gold.

3. The Ghost

The Ghost is ranked #3 because it's imaginary. The reality is that you only need one good broker in UO to get all the gold you need. That's right it's still UO King that comes in as the raining champing of Ultima Online gold. They are open every day and can meet on any shard, so break open the wallet and grab some gold and items.

UO Gold Is Cheaper In Bulk

Some people may not pay close enough attention but you will see that gold becomes cheaper when you buy more. All the way up to 2 plat and the price continues to fall. This much gold is only required for things like max storage homes and rare event items. It could also take around 2 platinum UO gold to suit characters with the ultimate suits.

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