Privacy Policty

I. Introduction: A Warm Welcome!

Greetings, splendid user! At Clark Hotels Blog, we're not just in the hospitality business; we're also steadfast guardians of your privacy. This document is our sacred scroll, revealing how we shield your secrets and defend your digital dignity.

II. The Information We Gather: Your Digital Footprint

As you waltz through our pages, you may inadvertently drop some info-glitter along the way. This could be your IP address, cookies, or even your preference for continental breakfasts. Fear not, for we only collect these sparkles to enhance your experience and never to tarnish your privacy.

III. How We Use the Info-Glitter: With Great Care and Responsibility!

We gently scoop up your data only to provide a seamless, cozy browsing experience, akin to the soft, inviting beds in Clark Hotels. We promise never to sell, rent, or recklessly fling your precious info-glitter to third parties without your golden consent.

IV. Cookies and Web Beacons: Our Magic Tools

We employ cookies and web beacons, not as spies, but as diligent butlers, facilitating smoother interactions between your device and our realm. You may command these butlers to step aside by adjusting your browser settings, though doing so may dim the sparkle of your experience.

V. Children’s Privacy: Protecting the Little Ones!

Our blog is a castle with an age limit. We knowingly do not allow individuals under 13 to enter our digital fortress without the guidance and consent of their guardians. If such an event inadvertently occurs, we will promptly and responsibly address the situation, safeguarding the young one’s privacy.

VI. Links to Other Kingdoms: Tread Carefully!

Our blog may contain portals to external domains. Be advised, dear user, that once you step through these portals, our protection and policies no longer envelope you. Navigate these unknown territories with caution and wisdom, for their scrolls of privacy may differ from ours.

VII. Changes to This Sacred Scroll: Stay Informed!

Time flows, and with it, our privacy practices may evolve. We implore you to revisit this sacred scroll occasionally to stay informed of any alterations that might affect you. Your continued use of after changes to the privacy policy signifies your acceptance of these changes.

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