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Clark Hotel
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Clark Hotel
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Ayurvedic Spa
Ayurvedic Massage

Spa in Delhi Hotel

"The Spa at Hotel Clark Heights is waiting to give you pleasure"
Soothe every tired muscle and your mind. Exclusive wellness packages that blend Ayurveda  and modern technology, offering lobby massages, wraps, scrubs, body polishing, face treatment and hydrotherapy. These services are available to all our guests and visitors alike, along with state of the art equipment that the hotel has to offer.

Working Hours- Mon-Sun.6:30a.m-10:30p.m
Category: Ayurvedic Treatments/Massages/Skin Tratments
Experience:Traditional & luxurious affordable day spa * spa membership only.

Our Services
1. Cost:- Click for Spa Brochure
2. Special Pkg:The hotel offers spa & accommodation packages from $300-$600,which include a variety of spa massages & ayurvedic treatments & special finger licking food

Ayourvedic Spa in Delhi Hotel Spa in Delhi Luxury Hotel Spa in New Delhi Luxury Hotel

Spa in Delhi Hotels The belief in curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times. Such practices have been popular worldwide since times immemorial. Today, day spa hotels have become quite popular and offer various personal care treatments.

Spa treatments (also called cosmetic or body treatments) are non-medical procedures promoting health of the body.

Typical spa include :

  1. Aromatherapy
  2. Facials for acne, anti-aging facials, face brightening facials and facial cleansing with a variety of products
  3. Hydrotherapy like bathing or soaking in hot springs, Onsen (Japanese Hot Springs), Thermae (Roman Hot Springs), Hot tubs, Mud baths, Peat pulp baths, Sauna and Steam baths
  4. Body wraps - comprise wrapping the body in hot linens, plastic sheets and blankets, or mud wraps for about 20 minutes or so.
  5. Body polishing - exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and soft. It is like a facial for the body. It is can be done with any number of materials - salt, sugar, coffee grounds, rice bran, pecan hulls - usually mixed with some kind of massage oil and aromatic like essential oils. The exfoliation is followed by a shower rinse and an application of body lotion. A body polish is often followed by a body wrap, commonly seaweed or mud wrap. Or follow with a body massage.
  6. Massages ranging from Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Swedish to Thai massage techniques.
  7. Nutrition and weight guidance
  8. Skin exfoliation, including chemical peels and microdermabrasion - a popular cosmetic technique that removes the outermost layer of dead skin cells. It is a non-invasive procedure and is performed by trained skin care professionals using a variety of products designed to mechanically exfoliate the skin.
  9. Waxing or removal of body hair with hot wax
  10. Yoga and meditation

    Tourists seek spa services wherever they visit or stay and budget luxury hotels are no exception. After a long flight or train ride or exhilarating tour, soothing massage of tired muscles and tender nourishing skin care is the most perfect relaxation one can ask for. Or if you’ve been working too hard or partying too hard , its fabulous to exult in some de-tox and pampering at a spa in Delhi hotels, the most perfect stress reliever one can ask for. Or get a perfect cosmetic makeover for a great evening out.

    Men and women alike love the peace and tranquility of a few hours spent at a spa in hotels. Indulge yourself sensually in lazy chilling out just for the pleasure of it. Our hotel offer popular spa weekend vacation packages and bridal packages.

    The Spa at Clark Heights is waiting to give you pleasure - our Ayurvedic Spa is among the well known Delhi hotels. At Hotel Clark Heights we blend Ayurvedic holistic healing therapies and oriental therapies with the rejuvenating qualities of water, a hallmark of our spa -In Ayurvedic Spa, all treatments and products are natural and its also used as alternative medicine.

    Enjoy the sheer bliss of our natural rejuvenation and authentic beauty enhancement therapies at the treatment room and couples suite. Our range of services include a healthy dose of yoga, meditation, Facial treatments and Hydrotherapy (sauna, steam room), Ayurvedic body wraps, body scrubs, body polishing and Massages. We specialize in Nail Care providing a wide variety of stunning nail beautification as well as manicures and pedicures. Come soothe your mind and tired muscles in a cozy cocoon of personalized service with privacy and exclusivity. Wellness symbolizes a relaxed mind in a healthy body. We have exclusive wellness packages for guests and visitors alike amidst state of the art equipment.

    Our Services range from $25 - $200. Our Special Packages comprise spa cum accommodation ranging from $300 -$600.

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