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Clark Hotel rafting tour package

Rafting Tour Package in India

Rafting Rafting, or white water rafting, is a challenging recreational outdoor activity. It involves navigating a river, usually comprising of rapids and steep bends, atop a rubber boat. Nowadays it's almost always on inflatable rafts and on white water or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill raft passengers. Today's modern raft is made of very durable, multi-layered rubberized or vinyl fabric with several independent air chambers. The length varies from 10 to 20 feet and width between 6-8 feet. Rafts come in different forms and typically hold 4 to 12 persons.

India has world class white water rafting which is quite popular. Nowadays , domestic tourists too are taking to it in a big way. Lots of people from all corners of India land at Delhi with the sole purpose of white water rafting in nearby Rishikesh. This small, ancient township is a world famous center for the sport. To get the thrills you just need to make a short, comfortable journey of about 200 km from Delhi, with options of taxi, bus and train. Rishikesh is in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand, world famous for nature and adventure as well as ayurvedic spa, yoga, meditation, spiritual retreats and the like.

The 1600 km long mighty Ganges starts from the Himalayan Gangotri glacier and surges forth majestically across the northern plains to finally drain in the Bay of Bengal. Imagine yourself surging down its cascading waters on a raft, a once in a lifetime experience. River rafting on the mighty Ganges is a historic and memorable excursion to take up. Rafters can pull up alongside the banks at intervals. There are ancient temples and ashrams along the entire rafting route, on the banks. One can even find a great sadhu (holy man) or sanyasi (hermit) meditating on the banks of the sacred Ganges. While surging down the potent waters on your raft you can spot wildlife at a distance, like spotted deer, monkeys and even leopards.

In case you are a first timer, there are river raft pros to guide you every step of the way. It is a challenging activity of maneuvering and controlling your raft and position while riding the swirling, wild cascades of water. The state now provides specialized, trained staff dedicated to the safety of riders so that everyone can enjoy this adventure in complete safety.

The waters, called rapids, are graded on a scale of 1 to 6: grade 1 starts from small, rough areas requiring slight maneuvering to grade 5 which are large waves with possibility of large rocks, hazards and large drop and which require precise maneuvering. Grade 6 rapids are extremely dangerous.

Worldwide it is standard practice for safety regulations to exist in legislation. They range from certification of outfitters, rafts, and raft leaders to equipment and procedures. The hotels in Delhi arrange excellent white water rafting as they all have tie ups with professional adventure tour operators at Rishikesh and other rafting spots across India.

Go ahead and discuss safety measures with a rafting operator before signing on. The equipment and qualifications of the company and raft guides are essential information to be considered. Don't hesitate to do your homework and make enquiries to your satisfaction, both at your hotel in Delhi as well as with the tour operator before you hop onto the raft!

Rafting in general has become safer over the years with increase in expertise and more specialized, better quality equipment. There was a time when the Colorado River (USA) or the Jalcomulco River ( Mexico) had swallowed whole expeditions leaving only boat fragments. But nowadays they are run safely by commercial outfitters hundreds of times each year with relatively untrained passengers!

Professionally run camps near Shivpuri, Rishikesh have expert river runners, excellent safety standards, imported equipment and trained guides. The rafting capital of India is the stretch of the mighty Ganga from Kaudiyala to Rishikesh, where the river has numerous rapids over 36 km. The sport provides ample scope for nature lovers to explore virgin landscapes lying along offbeat river ways, which are otherwise inaccessible by road. It's also environment friendly as you are not depleting any natural resources in any way.

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