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Clark Hotel Finding accommodation in Delhi is not difficult as Delhi is a major global destination today. There are a host of wonderful places for tourists from all parts of the globe to visit and amidst peaceful comfortable stay facilities. budget cheap hotels in Delhi are a good option as they offer facilities and comfort that surprise tourists considering the costs.
Tourists visit popular spots with great zeal. Many prefer to stay in the cheapest possible stay option and tour within a reasonable budget. Yet this does not mean compromising on comfort. Delhi's Paharganj area is backpacker territory offering numerous inexpensive accommodations. Paharganj and adjacent Ram Nagar is just north of Connaught Place in central Delhi, running west from New Delhi railway station. Here the city offers dirt lodges alongside elite international hotels as well.
These hotels can be booked by phone or e-mail with very affordable pricing. Some are homely and good value, while others offer very little for very little. Some of these hotels, particularly those with all night restaurants, can suffer from slamming door syndrome and people shouting till dawn, so you need to choose carefully if you seek a quiet night; this is especially true in hotels whose rooms only have windows facing inwards onto the communal stairwell.
Most Delhi Hotels have a noon check out time though some hotels run a 24-hour checkout system which means you check-out at the same time you checked in - good if you arrived late, bad if you arrived early. Ram Nagar is lined with hotels and restaurants. The accommodation here tends to be a little more expensive than Paharganj but rooms are generally bigger, brighter and cleaner.
Backpackers are usually after exciting new experiences and this doesn't mean just sightseeing. Many are looking for some kind of 'connection' experience whether its through exploring new cultures, searching for new friendships or love, even a kind of 'slumming it out ' as part of self or spiritual search.
Here are a few tips for those looking for stay and tour. Best way to travel is by doing or paying what the locals do - for example, once over the jetlag after landing in India, why head for the nearest airport again to start exploring the country? If expedient, go for that train or bus ride that will get you to your destination as safely. Just make sure to memorize or write down the names of the two stops before your destination and watch out for those - this is because backpackers tend to think they can make it off the train before the doors close. This way you do not have to worry unnecessarily.
Similarly, eat where the locals do. Different countries have different foods and it's more common than you think for some to hide their best foods pretty well - which can turn out to be costly to tourists! Consider that a delicacy is not always a popular meal - cheap, delicious local food is the true culinary delight of the ordinary people.

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