Tiger Safari Tour in India

March 30th, 2012

Tiger Safari in India

Article by Rashmi Goyal


The number of yearly visitors to India number in the millions now. Many visitors come to India eagerly seeking to view the Tiger Safari and Delhi hotels abound in enquiries for the same. There are over 80 national parks and 500 wildlife sanctuaries in India. Accommodation such as lodges and even hotels is never a problem as hotels of all classes situated at these spots are at par with equivalent hotels in Delhi.

Well informed travelers choose their hotels in Delhi and subsequently arranged guides, tours and lodging from a position of knowledge, from luxurious Delhi hotels at city centers to waterfront and beachfront hotels with breathtaking sea and mountain views, from guest houses to comfortable forest lodgings.
The chances of spotting a Tiger  depend on the size of a national park and the number of Tigers within it. While at your hotel in Delhi, you can quickly read up on India wildlife. Ever heard the term “green washing” of the travel industry; eco travel, eco lodges, eco hotels and just generally being “eco” has become a popular tourism pitch. Some examples are : volcano watching, whale watching , bird breeding farms , rural tours, heading for the artic!
India is one of the few places where Tigers can still be glimpsed in the wild, stalking through teak forests and terai grass. As recently as the beginning of the last century, up to one hundred thousand Tigers roamed the subcontinent, even though Tiger hunting had long been the sport of kings, maharajas and Mughal Emperors and the trigger-happy British, all indulged in it. Poaching took even a greater toll. An all-India moratorium on Tiger  shooting was declared in the 1972 Wildlife Protection Act followed by Project Tiger Safari.
Wild Tour in IndiaRajasthan is home to plentiful wildlife, especially Tigers. The Ranthambore National Park here is the world’s foremost Tiger spotting destination. It also has the Sariska Tiger Safari Reserve. From the comfy confines of your hotel in Delhi it’s a short and easy journey to these magnificent Tiger Safaris. Ranthambore is one of the few places where it is relatively easy to see the Tiger during the day. Safari the jungle to see Tigers , leopards and other elusive species like caracal, hyenas, wild boars and deer. It’s back to your Delhi hotel for a breather.

The Kanha National Park near Nagpur is a very short flight from your Delhi hotel plus a brief ride, to one of the most beautiful parks in South Asia. Home to rich wildlife including Tigers, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, deer, wild oxen, wild boars, monkeys etc. The park is 940 sq km. Stay is at a lodge as good as any luxury budget hotel in Delhi and begin your Tiger Safari which includes a very early morning safari at 05:30, the best time to observe wildlife. Enjoy tribal dances or informal discussions with naturalists back at your lodge.
From here drive about 5 hours to Bandhavgarh National Park rich in savannah and jungle with the highest concentration of Tiger Safaris as well as a host of fascinating ruins.

Make sure to book your hotel in Delhi well in advance to get the most out of your India Tiger Safari tour. It is very convenient to use the travel desk services available in most Delhi hotels for your wildlife excursions – they have tie ups with the best tour operators ensuring good chances of awestruck gazing at the thrilling cats.

Safety Tips for India Travel

April 3rd, 2012

Safety Tips for India TravelIn case you have just arrived at your hotel in Delhi, or are about to, here are a few common sense safety tips for a safe once in a lifetime India trip. India is on the whole a safe country to travel in, however like anywhere else in the world, you can be an obvious target for thieves and mischief mongers (could even be a fellow traveler).

Generally be careful, staying relaxed but have your wits about you, the moment you step out of the cozy confines of your hotel in Delhi. Be especially careful in crowded places like packed buses or trains where it’s easy for pickpockets to operate. Thieves work in teams, one member distracting your attention, bumping into you for example, while another swipes your bag.

Up-market hotels in Delhi have a room safe; the budget hotels in Delhi will have a safe deposit at the reception. Budget travelers should carry a padlock to secure the doors of cheap Delhi hotel rooms. You can also use them to lock your bag to seats or racks in trains.

Don’t leave valuables lying around in your Delhi hotel room. And don’t put valuables in your luggage when on bus or plane journeys. On trains and buses, the prime time for theft is just before you leave, so keep a particular eye on your gear then, beware of deliberate diversions, and don’t put your belongings next to open windows.

Mostly people who approach you on the street never intend any harm: most want to sell you something, some want to practice their English, others (if you’re a woman) to chat you up, while many just want to have a picture taken with you. Never fall for the ploy of wonderful sounding moneymaking schemes.

If you ever get robbed report the theft as soon as possible to the local police. Safety Tips for India Tour and TravelThe staff of your hotel in Delhi will stand by you in crisis. Though your belongings are unlikely to be recovered, you do need a report from the police in order to claim on your travel insurance.

Losing your passport is a real hassle – report the loss immediately to the police, who will issue the all important “complaint form” you need to be able to travel around and check into Delhi hotels (and everywhere else in India). A complaint form will not allow you to change money or traveler’s checks. If you’ve run out of cash, your best bet is to ask the manager of your Delhi hotel to help you out – the staff of your hotel in Delhi will have seen your passport at time of your check in, and it’s number will be in the register). Contact your nearest embassy or consulate. “Emergency passports” are the cheapest form of replacement, but are normally only valid for the few days of your return flight. If you’re not sure when you’re leaving the country, you’ll have to obtain a more costly “full passport” from  your country’s embassy in Delhi. Most hotels in Delhi have a travel help desk who not only arrange excellent tours, travel and stay arrangements, but can help you with the nitty gritty of all this hassle too.

Make sure to book a hotel in Delhi well in advance as they organize safe and secure tour packages as well as travel arrangements at excellent rates.



Budget Hotel in Delhi

March 23rd, 2012

For the majority of tourists visiting Delhi , a budget hotel is the preferred stay option as it won’t burn a huge hole in their pocket. This allows for budget savings better spent on fun and frolic and shopping sprees. Budget hotels provide comfortable stays to tourists from all corners of the globe who come to explore the city with great zeal. In terms of looks and infrastructure and amenities, these hotels are known to amaze guests no end. Who won’t appreciate quality service at throw away prices.

Clark Hotels is a renowned name in the luxury budget category of Delhi’s hospitality industry. Our centrally air conditioned Hotel Clark Heights is highly sought after, in part due to well trained staff  that has all the sophistication and manners to serve the elite.

Hotel Clark Heights is growing in reputation for its quality interiors, wining and dining, personalized service, business facilities, travel desk, free pick up/drops, world class spa and lots more! Our line booking platform is accompanied by a virtual tour of our hotel and surrounding locality, with detailed, useful information, attractively displayed and up to date rates.

Modern Facilites in Delhi Hotels

March 27th, 2012

Modern Facilites in Delhi HotelsIn today’s fast paced times, the most important concern for travelers is finding the right place to stay with all the required amenities. For a brief period, hotels are like a second home. Being one of the oldest hotels in New Delhi, Clark Hotels are maintaining the tradition of Indian hospitality and offer guests the most modern comforts in a relaxed atmosphere.

Modern Services in Clark Hotel comprise 3 to 4 star luxury hotel facilities with in room amenities like central air conditioning, safe deposit, direct dial phones, satellite television, tea/coffee making facility and mini bar. Other modern services in Clark Hotel off the counter are 24 hour room service and laundry, currency exchange, doctor on call, excess baggage storage facility as well as 24 hour valet parking, fax and computer facility in our lobby, a state of the art spa cum saloon and in house travel desk services offering attractive tour packages, car rentals and air/rail ticket booking.

An outstanding element of the modern services in Clark Hotel are well trained and motivated staff keen to provide all the attention and friendly service you bargained for and are specifically senior citizen/ women friendly. Our luxurious spacious rooms with quality service make your stay memorable. Our Hotel Clark Heights has an impressive exterior and very charming interior. The hotel milieu is friendly and relaxed, providing that unique ‘feel at home’ factor – a fun place to stay in luxurious comfort and pass some great time, with fantastic drinking and dining arrangements.

Modern Services in Clark Hotel also includes an outstanding roof top restaurant cum barbeque, a terrace garden, and banquet hall and conference rooms. Being centrally located and at walking distance from the city’s important business and official places, our hotels are well suited for all types of tourists. Whether on vacation or business, you’ll have a great stay, nestled within a cosmopolitan culture with the typical Indian touch.

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