Spa in Delhi Hotels

March 22nd, 2012

Spa in Delhi HotelHospitality is witnessing a spurt in tourists seeking a Spa in Delhi hotels, even at luxury budget hotels. After a tedious journey like a long flight or train ride, or after an exhilarating whirlwind tour, soothing massage of tired muscles and tender nourishing skin care is a great stress reliever. If you’ve been working too hard or partying too hard or are in the grips of jet lag after a long flight, go ahead and exult in some de-tox and pampering at a spa in Delhi hotels. Or get that perfect cosmetic makeover for the great evening out. And who doesn’t indulge in lazy, sensual lolling around to chill out once in a while just fro the pleasure of it. Enjoy a body massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, sauna, steam room and work outs at the gym. Spa in Delhi hotels offer popular weekend vacation packages and bridal packages as icing on the cake.

The ever popular massages range from Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Swedish to Thai massage techniques. Reflexology or zone therapy is popular. This involves stimulating points on the hands and feet believed to be beneficial to body and mind. Design contour using anti-ageing body treatments to generate heat and circulation is also becoming fashionable. Men and women alike love the peace and tranquility of a few hours spent at a spa in Delhi hotels .

Spa in Delhi HotelsThe Ayurvedic Spa at Hotel Clark Heights is among the well known Spa in Delhi hotels. A sensual massage or any other spa treatment has become an ‘in’ thing nowadays. And Ayurveda, like yoga, is now a household word and needs no introduction. At Hotel Clark Heights we blend holistic self-healing therapies practiced in Ayurveda as well as oriental therapies with the rejuvenating qualities of water, a hallmark of our spa in Delhi hotels. Besides natural rejuvenation and authentic beauty enhancement therapies at the treatment room and couples suite, a healthy dose of yoga, meditation, lobby massages, wraps, scrubs, body polishing, face treatment and hydrotherapy are available. And if you think a spa in Delhi hotels may be out of your reach, think again. Our Services range from $25 – $200.

Our Special Packages comprise spa cum accommodation packages ranging from $300 -$600. These include a variety of spa massages and Ayurvedic treatments as well as special finger licking foods.
You can also enjoy relaxing and rejuvenating spa and ayurvedic Spa therapies  in North India, on your tour to Taj Mahal Hotel New Delhi, booked by Spa Ayurveda India.

“The Spa at Hotel Clark Heights is waiting to give you pleasure”  Wellness symbolizes a healthy body and relaxed mind.  We have exclusive wellness packages available to all our guests and visitors alike, along with state of the art equipment. Come soothe your mind and tired muscles within a cozy cocoon of personalized service in privacy and exclusivity. Our working hours are Monday through Sunday from 6:30a.m to 10:30p.m. (Take advantage of our traditional, luxurious and affordable day spa (* spa membership only)

My Delhi Hotel Stay

August 3rd, 2012

So many travel articles seem to focus on the tourist experience of coming to India. Few focus on the Indian travel experience . Here’s my bit about my Delhi visit and stay in this great city.

(left) – A budget hotel room in Delhi

Have you ever stayed at a hotel in Delhi? It can be quite an experience. There are excellent hotels in the city, which as per statistics number thousands now, These have, over the last decade acquired a reputation of providing regal hospitality making your stay in the city a delight. Here luxury and budget go hand in hand. The moment I stepped into the lobby of my pre-booked hotel in Delhi this was totally verified.

(right image ) – a budget hotel room in New York City

Some years ago I had stayed at a couple of hotels in New York. Looking back I can honestly say that the service and facilities of the hotels I stayed there at, were the same as those of the Delhi hotels I have stayed at – efficient, elegant and quite comfortable. The hotel staff were equally courteous, I stayed at both a budget hotel in New York as well as a mid-range slightly on the higher side hotel.

(left) – a motel in concord, california i stayed at

I have stayed at a luxury hotel in Delhi for one night after a long flight from San Francisco to Delhi – and I’ve stayed at a cheap motel in the San Francisco bay area as well -  which is the equivalent of a 2 or 3 star hotel in Delhi.  I found no difference in the services and facilities really in term of quality, courteousness – even pricing was comparable between each of their equivalents in both cities.

(right) – a luxury budget hotel in new york city


And this was nearly two decades ago when the travel & tours and hospitality industry had not yet witnessed the unprecedented boom of the last decade, not just in India but the world over.




(left) – my room at a luxury budget Delhi hotel




Coming back to the last hotel in Delhi I stayed at, which I managed to reach in spite of earnest cajoling on part of the taxi-driver that he will take me to “the best hotel in Delhi instead “ –  but I made it to mine! Arriving at 2 a.m in the morning I was greeted with some heavenly piping hot complimentary coffee. Super quick check-in, an even quicker luggage deposit at my room – I blinked to realize its all over, coffee sipped in sleepy bliss, I slept like a baby – no satanic knocking for room service or house-keeping till I woke up a good 9 hours later. A courteous call and half an hour later – breakfast the way I like it. And so it went on the remainder of my stay.

Though I had come for a crucial business meet – the car rental arranged by the hotel was SO convenient. I also managed a sneak visit to Agra to fulfill my long standing dream to swoon at the Glory of the Taj Mahal. Again the hotel staff arranged a neat one day sojourn – I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently it was all over. So next time you head for Delhi, make sure to book a room, whether a luxury or economy hotel in Delhi, well in advance to get the most out of your stay in this great city.

Same Day Tajmahal Tour Package

April 6th, 2012

The splendor of Agra city remains undiminished – from the massive Agra Fort to the magnificent Taj Mahal. Agra’s attractions begin and end with an extraordinary collection of Mughal monuments. The Same Day Taj Mahal Tour takes you to awesome Agra  and back the same day via train. Your well informed guide will pick you up from the hotel and transfer you to New Delhi Railway Station where you board the air-conditioned Shatabdi Express at 6.10 AM. Tuck in a wholesome breakfast on the train.

Reach Agra city at 8:10 AM where our car will pick you up at the railway station. The same car will later accompany you to popular attractions in your

Same Day Taj Mahal Tour.

Your touring begins with a visit to the exquisite 16th century Agra Fort where you  witness Mughal architectural glory. The complex showcases many fascinating buildings, a myriad royal apartments, courtyards and mosques, which are a conglomeration of different cultures of the Mughal period.

Cute RomaNext on the agenda is a trip to the tomb of Itmad-ud-Daulah, often regarded as a template for the Taj Mahal!  On the menu is a sumptuous theme lunch.

Now for the crowning glory, the wonder of the world, the Taj Mahal! The great architectural marvel has marble work with intricate carvings. The Taj Mahal has elicited awe and astonishment for four and a half centuries. However many photographs you’ve seen of it, the reality never fails to overwhelm. The Taj is most alluring in the early morning hours, shrouded in mist and bathed with a soft red glow. As its vast marble surfaces fall into shadow or reflect the sun, its color changes from soft grey and yellow to pearly cream and dazzling white.


Tajmahal Tour PackageAfter thoroughly enjoyable sightseeing, you will be transferred to the railway station at 8:20 PM to board the Shatabdi Express train back to Delhi. Relish dinner on board the train.

Same Day Taj Mahal Tour by Car

You can also have the Same Day Taj Mahal Tour arranged by car, including an informative guide. Our car picks you up from any required spot in Delhi and you will be chauffeur driven toAgra. The journey takes about 4-5 hours.

Upon arrival you will be introduced to your Go Heritage India Journeys guide, who will take you to all the famous tourist spots ofAgra. This includes magnificent Agra fort and tomb of Itmad-ud-Daulah.

For lunch our guide will escort to you to a lavish venue for a sumptuous meal. Later in the afternoon you reach the Taj Mahal. Tajmahal Tour PackageView the timeless beauty of the Taj at the light of dawn and dusk.

Agra is also famous for its marble tabletops, vases and trays, inlaid with semiprecious stones in ornate floral designs. Agra’s shoe industry supplies entire India and exports bags, briefcases and jackets. Carpets and durries and traditional embroidery is thriving

Finally in the evening its back to Delhi.  The Same Day Taj Mahal Tour will enthrall you with charming beauty and leave you with a solid sense of satisfaction, of value for money as well! Before embarking on the car journey back, you can also get the pleasure of a brief tour to the Tomb of Emperor Akbar at Sikandra if you wish. You will return to Delhi at about 2200 hrs.


Family Weekend at Delhi Hotels

August 28th, 2012

Have you landed in one of those unforeseen situations where you suddenly have an ad hoc mini vacation at hand and not knowing what to do with these precious few days that have all of a sudden landed in your lap?  Kids are thrilled to bits, spouse is charmed – now question is which hotel in Delhi to suddenly land at?  Well you can have even your weekend getaway tailor made to specification.  Experts customizing itineraries to suit your interest, time and budget will do it for you. You can have the most fun filled time arranged on spot within the blink of an eye. And there are great hotels to stay at no matter what your budget.

When looking for short breaks and weekend breaks, you need to make sure the  hotel meets your requirements as there are so many different types of hotels in the city. In your search for the right one, keep in mind you should be able to view pictures and read descriptions of the room and services before you make that crucial booking. Some are stylish and luxurious, others a little less luxurious but still great places to stay in. Splashing out on your stay means rooms with flat screen televisions, king-size beds, views from the patio.

Even if you’re on a budget there is still a range of hotel rooms to choose from that will provide a comfortable bed as well tea/ coffee facilities in the morning. Your days are going to be fun-filled with plenty to do for all members of your family, young or old and whatever they want to do. If you are planning your family getaway looking for something new and exciting, unique and rewarding for everyone in the family, then a great family getaway would be at a theme park or water park.

There are numerous theme parks and water parks in and around Delhi. Some even have a hotel on their premises where a family can easily hang around on the all important family budget quite decently and get all the fun and frolic without worrying about over spending.


Theme parks, amusement parks and water parks are fairly recent in the hospitality industry which is developing faster than the pace at which computer tech evolved.  Along with the usual rides, candy floss and other yummy things to feast on, fun filled games etc, there usually are on offer different economical packages as well.  Don’t hesitate to inquire at your Delhi hotel about family packages – nearly every hotel in Delhi has a travel help desk that will organize fabulous family weekend getaway packages for you .



Mystic India Tour

September 22nd, 2012

Are you an India buff languishing around some hotel in Delhi secretly wishing for an awesome journey of awakening to suck you in like quick sand? Having resolved to embrace the vagaries of nature, are you  seeking to be swept away by a mystic India tour,  seeking an inner courage, confidence and silent spiritual strength while leaving behind all that was familiar. Then let your footprints map the length and breadth of India – a land that has been home to an ancient and highly advanced civilization flourishing for more than 9,000 years. At every footstep you find decent accommodation.

India is home to a colorful mixture of people speaking 18 different languages and 850 dialects. India is the envy of the world as no other country, even continent, has so many different people living and working together.  Start from your Delhi hotel to travel just 250 km to the banks of the Ganges at Haridwar and take part in the Harki Pauri Arti (Ceremony of Lamps). For thousands of years, Hindus have gathered here to pay their respects to revered river Goddess Ganga.

(left) Mansarovar Lake – 18,000 feet above seal level

Continue north to the mountain village of Sripur, famous for its grand shrine, Kamleshwar Muth.  Continue into the Himalayas to the revered Badrinath Temple at 11,300 feet. Trek through the Himalayas, home to 92 of the 94 tallest peaks in the world! Crossing a pass at 18,000 feet reach the sacred peak of Mount Kailash and the holy shores of Mansarovar, the source of four mighty Indian rivers – Indus, Brahmaputra, Karnali and Sutlej.


Negotiate the deepest gorge in the world cut by the Kali Gandki between Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri in the Annapurna Mountain range. Eventually reach Muktinath at 12,500 feet, where an ancient temple of Lord Vishnu gloriously stands to this day, encircled by 108 waterspouts. Many an enlightened soul embarked on an inner journey here, performing austerities in rare yogic postures for years, growing older and wiser.

Descend from the mountains, passing through peaceful villages, through a land adorned with grand monuments, palaces and relics of stone, exploring Indian architecture and its paradise of styles, forms and shapes.

Head through the rainforests of Assam, the jungles of Sunderbans to the shores of Jagannath Puri in Orissa, where the annual Rath Yatra (Festival of Chariots) is celebrated. Every year, for thousands of years, millions of pilgrims flock here to pull the chariot of Lord Jagannath. A conch shell blows along with boisterous clanging of plates. Hundreds pull the chariot with four massive ropes. Pilgrims cheer, sing, dance, and throw vermillion into the air. An awesome sight of thousands in a sea of colors fills your vision.

Rameshwaram Temple


Follow the eastern coastline to arrive in South India at the 12th century Rameshwaram Temple which has 1,212 pillars and a stone corridor 1.2 km long. Go through the temple towns of South India and backwaters of Kerala to end your journey at village Loj in Gujarat. It’s back to Delhi then, having covered 12,000 km in effect for the awakening – to courage, confidence, love, truth, and tolerance – the essence of Indian culture and the greatest gift India offers the world!


(on right ) Kerala backwaters

Hotels in Delhi will have an in house travel help desk that will make you  become part of any great cultural event of India, at any time, at any spot . So go ahead and get your awakening itinerary organized by the experts.


India Tour with Family

April 27th, 2012

By Rashmi Goyal

Nothing beats the fun and excitement of going on a vacation with the whole family. When it comes to planning and arrangements, India tour with family can be quite a handful for anyone to take on. A reputed travel agent works like a genie here. If you’re looking for a family hotel in Delhi then you can relax as the Delhi hotel scenario is family and senior citizen friendly. Traveling with small children is far from easy as they get bored easily and tired easily and find it difficult to stay still for more than a few minutes. Traveling with infants is all the more difficult. Yet it’s inconceivable to go vacationing without our adorable ones cuddled in our laps all safe and content.

The country is like a kaleidoscope and it dazzles the eyes with amazing diversity. When on tour to India with family pick a trusted travel company that has in-depth knowledge about each destination and tie-ups with the best vendors. Plan your trip according to your family’s interests – you have so many options for your holiday.  Your son’s demand might be for adventure sports and elderly parents fascination with cultural tours, beaches might be your forte while your wife’s plan is to go for a spa tour in the hills.

Your India tour with family can very well fulfill everybody’s desires. Do some exploring and research, choose a theme for the vacation and with the help of a trusted agent pick suitable destinations. There are excellent tours of every possible theme to any nook and cranny of India. Coveted family tour themes on well trodden paths are heritage tours, beach and backwaters, adventure sports.

Heritage Tours flourish on countless fascinating historical monuments, inspiring sculptures and edifices sprinkled across the country. Especially thrilling are the stunning palaces and forts of Rajasthan, Delhi’s amazing ancient monuments and temples andAgra’s enchanting marvel, the Taj Mahal. Most of these spots are easy hops from your hotel in Delhi.

Palm fringed beaches on India’s thousands km long coastline are the best locale for a laid back vacation, walking on silvery sands and relishing a revitalizing Ayurveda massage. The backwaters of Kerala are also ideal for the family. Hire a personal traditional houseboat which is like a personal cruise to explore beautiful Kerala.


Crowned with the mighty Himalayas in the north and its southern tip dipped into three oceans of the world,Indiahas stunning bio-diversity. The country has more than 550 wildlife sanctuaries attracting wildlife enthusiasts and photographers in hordes.



As for adventure, lush jungles, deep valleys, cascading gorges and grand peaks offer fascinating destinations for adventure sports. Indulge in trekking, rafting and mountaineering. For water sports head south and try out jet skiing, motorcycling and more in Goa and other coastal towns. Tour packages arranged by Delhi hotels are the best means for family’s from different parts of the world to enjoy India’s historical and cultural beauty with greatest fun and enthusiasm.

Our Hotel Clark Heights prides itself on being a women and senior citizen friendly stay option, located right in the center of town, within very short distances of popular restaurants, shops, sites and museums. There is an array of amusement parks, water parks and interesting bazaars full of fascinating knick knacks and buys, where the kids can get all the thrills and run up your bills, all not far from our hotel.

Hotel Clark Heights elegant cozy rooms are easily converted into a family suite with up to one to three extra beds. We have a desk top installed in our lobby and convenient, assistant operated elevator for older folks and kids on the run. Our complimentary airport/ rail pick ups are a great boon for any family, small or large, arriving Delhi with frayed nerves, possibly hair standing out on skin and head. Amenities necessary for family and kids include the all important satellite TV , hot water at all times;  free internet wi-fi is a bonus, especially for older kids. Last but not the least, there is the utter joy family and kids get when they tuck in our scrumptious food.

Delhi City Excursion Tour

April 17th, 2012

By Rashmi Goyal

Delhi Excursion TourA Delhi City Excursion Tour is a must for any India first timer. The capital of this vast, ancient, incredible land is very aptly called a mini India. Delhi city can truly be dubbed as a Heritage City of the world – it is actually seven cities successively built over more than a thousand years, all inter-meshed within each other, with British built New Delhi making an eighth! This has resulted in a fascinating heritage collection of mostly Mughal monuments and relics juxtaposed with modern architectural wonders.

A brief historical timeline of Delhi –

1. Lal Kot (or Qila Rai Pithora) : area around Qutab Minar founded in 1060 A.D.

2. Siri Fort :  a fortress rather than city, commissioned in 1303 .

3. Tughluqabad : fortified city built in 1321 but deserted soon after.

4. Jahanpanah :  Founded 1326 as an extension of Lal Kot

5. Firozabad  : remains are a fortified palace, Firoz Shah Kotla, founded 1354

6. Purana Qila : 1533 A.D. fortress , said to be the site of ancient Indraprastha

7. Old Delhi (Shahjahanabad) : Founded in 1638 as capital of Mughal India

8. New Delhi : Inaugurated by the British in 1931 as their brand new capital

Today’s buzzing international metropolis is both daunting and alluring. Form the tourists point of view, Delhi is divided into two main parts. Old Delhi is the city of the Mughals, dating the 17th century, with ancient monuments in marble and sandstone and teeming bazaars. Spacious New Delhi is full of tree-lined boulevards, museums, classy markets.  Our unique two day Delhi City Excursion Tour makes the mammoth task of an inner excursion easy, comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable!
Highlights of Delhi City Excursion Tour

Day one 

* Red Fort  – Morning, you start your excursion with a visit to the magnificent Red Fort, the most famous and largest of heritage monuments. The massive fort is built in red sandstone and its ramparts stretch for about 2 km. The fort contains halls of public and private audience, domed and arched marble palaces, private apartments, a mosque and elaborate gardens.

* Jama Masjid – Next on the agenda is India’s largest mosque, the Jama Masjid. It has huge minarets and offers bird’s eye views over the old city. The mosque accommodates 25,000 worshippers and was built by a workforce of 5000 men. It looks east to sprawling Red Fort and down onto the seething streets of Old Delhi. In its northeast section, a shrine protects a collection of Muhammad’s relics shrouded in rose petals and watched over by keepers who reveal the contents: two sections of the Koran written on deerskin by relatives of the prophet, a red beard hair of Muhammad, his sandals and his footprint ‘miraculously’ embedded in a marble slab.

* Chandni Chowk  – At this point, you can have a fascinating foray into Chandni Chowk on cycle rickshaw or foot – Asia’s biggest wholesale market said to be 400 years old and running since! It is Old Delhi’s main thoroughfare that was once a tree lined canal with  opulent bazaars. There are heritage buildings signposted at intervals. Starting east to west, just across Red Fort is Lal Mandir, a Jain temple with carvings and gilded paintwork. The 18th century Hindu Gauri Shankar Temple is next door with shrines, a statue of Lord Shiva and an 800 year old lingam.

Go further west to Gurudwara Sisganj, a 1784 Sikh temple marking the spot where Emperor Aurangzeb beheaded the ninth Sikh guru, Tegh Bahadur in 1675. The guru was forced to see three of his followers executed – one was sawn in half from head to foot, another wrapped in cotton and slowly burned to death, a third boiled alive in a cauldron of water. This happened across the street in what is now Fountain Chowk.

* Finally you reach Connaught Place or ‘CP’ – the popular, modern commercial and shopping hub full of restaurants, shops, cinemas, banks and airline offices. Its central park is beautifully landscaped and offers a quiet retreat from the hurly-burly. Neon advertisements adorn the roofs and verandas of buildings that circle central park.

You can break here for a sumptuous lunch at any one of numerous fine dining spots or munch yummy snacks at a food joint out here.

We continue our Delhi City Excursion Tour :-  

* Jantar Mantar – located just south of CP, built in 1725 A.D.– one of five open-air observatories designed by Maharaja Jai Singh II – huge red and white slanting stone structures used to calculate time, solar and lunar calendars and astrological movements with an admirable degree of accuracy.

* Bangla Sahib Gurudwara – Delhi’s largest Sikh temple with a vast white marble structure topped by a huge, golden dome .

* Lakshmi Narayan Mandir – an extravagant modern Hindu temple commissioned by a wealthy merchant family, the Birlas and inaugurated in 1939 by Mahatma Gandhi.

The Delhi City Excursion Tour will now take you on a drive down the grand avenue Rajpath viewing hotspots :

* Rajpath  – South of CP , the grand avenue Rajpath stretches from India Gate to the Presidential Palace, flanked by gardens and fountains floodlit at night. It’s wide grassy margins are a popular spot for families, picnickers, courting couples.  It is the location of the annual National Republic Day Parade.

* India Gate  – a must see war memorial raised in honor of  Indian soldiers, designed by Edward Lutyens in 1921. The 42 meter high arch commemorates Indian soldiers and bears names of more than three thousand soldiers. India Gate has a carnival atmosphere with sellers of balloons, ice cream and candy-floss, families enjoying a day out .

* Rashtrapati Bhavan (Presidential Palace) –  one of  the largest and most grandiose of the Raj constructions, with classical columns, Mughal style domes, Indian filigree work and use of the red sandstone.

* Sansad Bhawan (Parliament Building) – its well known circular structure is located just  north of Rajpath.

You round up the first day of your Delhi City Excursion Tour with the must visit must see Akshardham Temple Complex.

* Akshardham Temple is a sprawling, modern construction that has stupendous stone cutting in stunning sculptors and carvings and is set amidst beautiful flood lit fountains in the evening. It’s back to your hotel to tuck in a sumptuous dinner before bed.

Day two

* Raj Ghat or Gandhi Smriti – Morning you start off with a visit to the Memorial site of  the peace apostle, Mahatma Gandhi. An open air, black marble platform with an eternal flame burning at one end, set amidst lush greens and a tangible, pervading atmosphere of peace.

* Humayun’s Tomb -  Next on the agenda is the Mughal garden tomb in red sandstone and white marble set amidst lovely gardens – considered to be the elegant forerunner of the Taj Mahal.

* Purana Quila – remains of the fortress citadel built in 1533 A.D., Delhi’s sixth incarnation . Surrounded by a lake on which boating is very popular. The Delhi zoo is adjacent to it.

* The Lotus (or Baha’i)  Temple -  A stupendous piece of iconic modern architecture in the form of  27 free standing petals comprising a gigantic lotus structure. Said to receive  the maximum number of annual visitors in the world after the Eiffel Tower in France!

* Qutab Minar Complex – The impressive ruins of 13th century Delhi comprise the Victory Tower, the tallest single tower in the world and famous 4th century Iron Pillar that has not rusted in 1500 years!  The red sandstone tower tapers up to a height of 72 meters and has beautiful carvings on its floor landings. The area to the south is rich with relics from many historical periods and is now an Archeological Park.

Shop at Delhi Bazaar

April 17th, 2012

By Rashmi Goyal


Delhi is the main point of arrival for overseas visitors to India.   Once you are settled in a hotel of your choice, you can easily spend up to a week or two exploring the monuments, museums and bazaars of this great city. Just as there is a wide range of Delhi hotels to suit every class and taste, Delhi has a huge variety of markets and bazaars catering to the needs of every class and taste. The sky is the limit to Delhi Bazaar Inc! The endless stream of fellow travelers can give you tips and pointers on anything you’re unsure of.

Delhi is a known shopper’s paradise where you can shop till you drop , with thousands of shops selling anything from antiques, ethnic wear, European fashions, rugs and carpets, linen & fabrics, silks, jewelry, furniture to everything else! Delhi has the best buys for leather items, carved stone pieces, precious stones, silk products, wood work, jewelry.

Delhi consists of crowded 17th century Old Delhi with ancient monuments and teeming bazaars and the more spacious New Delhi, with modern neighborhoods, tree-lined boulevards and classy up-markets, including Connaught Place. There are excellent shopping complexes in almost every locality in Delhi but Connaught Place, Karol Bagh

and Chandni Chowk are principle shopping areas.


Connaught Place, or ‘CP’, is radically different from the bazaars of Old Delhi, crammed with restaurants, bars, shops, cinemas, banks and airline offices.  CP has emporiums full of goods from all over India and also Tibet. Many luxury Delhi hotels have outlets for these wares especially precious stones, jewelry and even exquisite carpets and the like.  Connaught Place had good departmental stores and big showrooms as well as the famous underground Palika market. Each of India’s 28 states has its own showroom here with wooden and stone carvings, brassware, textiles, clothing, jewelry, high-grade Darjeeling teas, sandalwood carvings, carpets, shawls etc.  Not far is the Karol Bagh Market, that sells everything from cars to clothes. Most of the luxury budget hotels are situated here.


Sarojini Nagar, Khan Market, Greater Kailash, South Extension I and II, Hauz Khas Village are up market shopping precincts. Ansal Plaza is Delhi’s most popular mall. Santushti Shopping Complex is popular among diplomats. Dilli Haat is full of stalls selling crafts from across the country with good eating joints and handicraft shops. The city’s growing nightlife scene boasts designer bars, chic cafés and decent clubs – many at elite Delhi hotels of south Delhi.

Foreigners visiting India can pick up items of international brands like Benetton, Ray-Ban, Adidas, and Pierre Cardin at lower prices. Make sure stock up with souvenirs and presents to take back with you before you fly back home.

Is there Nightlife India?

April 17th, 2012

By Rashmi Goyal

Globe trotters love to check out the different types of nightlife other countries have. Many visitors to India seek some fun nightlife as well as satisfying, thrilling exploration of the land. India has exciting nightlife, not just at five star hotels but also bars, pubs, nightclubs, discotheques and trendy coffee cafes. India’s nightlife is diverse and growing. Most people who travel look forward to unwinding often years of fatigue or just chilling out at some elegant hotel for some fun along with hectic business meets. Whatever the reason, nightlife is avidly sought out – fun and frolic is part of the game.

Nightlife is a term for any entertainment that is available and more popular from the late evening into the early hours of the morning. It includes nightclubs, discotheques, bars, live music concert, cabaret, small theatres, small cinemas, shows, and sometimes restaurants. These venues often have cover charge and their revenue is from sale of alcoholic beverages.

Capital Delhi is a fun place to be in with lots to do and lots to see. Though roads can seem deserted after 11 pm, many bars, discos and coffee shops are open 24 hours. A decade ago a typical night out was a family trip to the latest Bollywood blockbuster. Not any more! Today’s youth make much more money and they want to party. A popular option used to be to go to a five star Delhi hotel that in all likelihood had a private club and bar. Most discos were in 5 star hotels in Delhi.  Today, the youth have carved out an active new night life, in South Delhi especially, a collection of upscale neighborhoods stretching from Humayun’s tomb in the north to Qutab Minar in the south. “Delhi is no longer a snake charmer city,” says one nightclub promoter who is planning to publish the first Delhi party listings magazine.

A trend that has set off all over India now is the proliferation of clubs and bars, pubs, discos, coffee joints where the night starts after 9 pm, especially in Delhi. This scene has spread east and south into the neighboring suburbs of Noida and Gurgaon Its no longer a choice between the latest Bollywood blockbuster or the five star hotel in Delhi.

With the advent of lounge bars, Delhi nightlife has been further transformed. If you don’t want to dance, simply lay back and enjoy the ambience and décor with your favorite drink in hand. If you like crowds then its discos for you – freak out on yummy food and drinks and shake a leg whenever the fancy grips you. The discos at Delhi hotels are international standard. Some places even have theme night parties with popular DJ’s for example, Djjins’ at Hayatt, a five star hotel in Delhi.  Gradually, nightlife is becoming a top rated entertainment option that has made its way into the itinerary of tourists.

Vibrant nightlife is found all over India. No matter what category hotel you are located at, you can take in a live performance or party until after the sun comes up. Five popular nightlife cities are Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore and Goa, each packed with notorious lifestyle and hedonists, though in most cities in India, nightlife is early to start and early to end because of curfews. Mumbai has the biggest selection of party places, come 1.30 a.m. they all start to close for the night. The scene is similar in Delhi with the exception five star hotels . Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore have 11-11.30 p.m. curfews. Kolkata has no curfew.

In Goa many places are forced to close by 10 p.m. due to noise restrictions. Many venues have found a solution to the curfews by opening during the day or early evening. Surprisingly dancing is banned in Bangalore! In sharp contrast is Kolkata which offers the most for late night party animals. There’s no curfew enabling bars and clubs to stay open until the wee hours of the morning. Large clubs exempt from the curfews are usually found in 5-star hotels in Delhi and other cosmopolitan cities. The facilities are world class – you could easily forget you were in India.

In Mumbai, be it a beach, club, bar or rave party, disco, nightclub, theme based parties,  you find amazing crowds of night owls. As in Delhi hotels, popular ones are in five-star hotels. Bangalore, the ‘Pub Capital of India’ , has a reputation for wild yet elite nightlife that is relaxed and enjoyable. The city has 200 clubs and bars.  Kolkata is loaded with night clubs and discotheques, bars, discos and pubs. As for Goa, on any night you will find beaches and pubs full of hustle and bustle. The hedonistic state has developed a reputation for outdoor psychedelic trance parties. Other popular locations with such parties are around Manali and Kasol in Himachal Pradesh and Guwahati in Assam.

An interesting term being used in India is “resto-pub” or “resto-bar”. These are restaurants that double as places where you can drink, and sometimes dance late into the night as many restaurants don’t serve alcohol in India. As drinking traditionally isn’t part of India’s culture, the country’s bars tend to be divided into two categories –- cheap, seedy local bars frequented by India’s male population, and classier venues catering to the progressive middle and upper class crowd. The latter are common in hotels of Delhi.

The age for the legal consumption of alcohol varies . In Delhi, it’s 25 years. India’s party state Goa has the lowest legal drinking age of 18 along with Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka. Elsewhere it’s generally 21 years. However, venues aren’t usually strict about enforcing these limits.

Mumbai is the place to come for busy traveler hangouts offering a lively atmosphere and cheap beer. The live music venues in Mumbai are excellent. Bangalore booming pub culture has plenty of live gigs. Rock bands can be found playing in Goa and Delhi.

Until recently, many posh areas of modern New Delhi were rocking with rave parties and the like – and it was not just the fringe ‘fashion’ jet set crowd. Those interested in something more traditional will find no shortage of cultural performances either. Kolkata has grown into the cultural capital of India with lots of live dance, drama, and music. In Mumbai, the National Center for Performing Arts at Nariman Point as well as Delhi, Jaipur and Udaipur in Rajasthan have interesting cultural programs. Delhi, as well as the cities of Jaipur and Udaipur in Rajasthan, also have interesting cultural programs.

Hotels have multiplied in every nook and cranny of India – even the remotest region will have a budget hotel and transport service plus some sightseeing and guides. There is hardly a spot in India that doesn’t have an ancient monument, palace or fort, or exotic wildlife or that bliss giving beach or hill station or scores of fascinating temples both ancient and modern architectural wonders. With the tourist flow, the nightlife in catching up fast everywhere .

24 hrs Room Service in Delhi Hotels

March 27th, 2012

24 hrs Room Service in Delhi Hotels

snippet by Rashmi Goyal


So what’s new? Every hotel worth its salt claims to provide 24 hrs room service . The renowned Clark hotels group boasts of being a hotel group with a difference . We are known for our royal treatment of guests that brings them back asking for more.

A simple dial from your room and the 24 hrs room service team will satisfy your every request. Our menu is overseen by the Executive Chef and our delicacies are available for you to gorge on 24 hours of the day. Your choice of dishes shall be served to your room by the well trained courteous staff comprising the 24 hrs room service team.

Along with our esteemed domestic guests, we cater to an elite global clientele. No one knows better than our 24 hrs room service personnel, how important it is for guests arriving at any odd hour of the night to get a piping hot cuppa or yummy something to tuck in before falling into bed loaded with jet lag.

And what’s more, each of our rooms is individually designed and furnished along aesthetic lines with most modern bathroom fittings, all kept pleasantly spic and span by our 24 hrs room service team.

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